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Joi with Your Creative Organizer is AMAZING! She helped me unpack and organize my whole house when we moved in and her prices are very reasonable. She came over and helped us organize the worst, most ridiculous pile of way too much stuff in our garage. But the best part is the kitchen…I love how she organized the pantry with beautiful containers. All the cabinets are so logically organized too and she somehow fit everything we wanted to keep. I’m so thankful for Joi. She also helps with decluttering and preparing homes to sell, which would normally be overwhelming…but not with Joi! Joi knows all the tricks to organize in a very useful way, but also designs the organization plan to your preferences. So you end up with user friendly, non-frustrating organization solutions that will help you stay organized for the long haul. I highly recommend Joi with Your Creative Organizer!!!

Liz Kooymans

After moving to Florida from Massachusetts I began to unpack and get settled in my new house however my art studio seemed to be a lingering room of clutter and disorganization which in turn was not feeling like a productive or inspiring space. Joi was able to guide me through a process that put my creative space back in order. She was very thoughtful in the questions that she asked me as she evaluated what had to be done in the room to give me the studio I wanted and needed. Everything now has a place and there is a place for everything and the best part is that I can now find items easily with out stressing out over what box something is in. Joi is a true professional in every way and I am so grateful for her help! I couldn’t have done it without her! If you are contemplating hiring a professional organizer I would absolutely recommend Joi to be the one to help you.

Deborah Van der Wolk

Joi was very respectful in keeping me on track to go through my things. She helped me organize my entire office. I literally know where everything is! She really took the time to understand how I work and put in systems that I can use on a daily basis. Thank you Joi. You were a joy to work with!

Mike Pauly, Books are Fun

My Organizer Joi did a fantastic job in my storage section in my basement. I had a small space where I stored home décor, Christmas items tools and much more. Over the years, the space had gotten out of control. Joi came to my home in a matter of hours turned my cluttered mess into an actual storage space where everything is labeled, has a place and I can find everything easily. She was professional, explained the process, and executed flawlessly what see explained. In addition, she provided tips to help me maintain the space she so elegantly designed. If you are looking for a professional organizer, I highly recommend Joi!

Brigitte Johnson

Your Creative Organizer did a wonderful job organizing my home office and residential space. She prepared, cataloged and delivered my charitible donations, while making sure important memories were digitally preserved. I highly recommend Your Creative Organizer-Professional Organizing Services!

Dr. Michael Fragen