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Organizing Makeup and Skincare

Organizing Makeup and Skincare

Makeup mayhem one might call the scene in my one bedroom apartment. We’re over 2 months into the new year so it’s time to take control and organize my makeup and skincare products. As the co-founder of the beauty blog, Will Work for Lipstick, it’s time to dive into my products, get rid of those that expired and organize my beauty collection before I look like a hoarder. I am a naturally organized person but beauty products seem to be the hardest for me to keep organized. It’s something I use everyday so when I’m on the run I just leave behind products scattered across my vanity. Due to spacing in my apartment, I have to be very particular when it comes to picking pieces to stay organized because my beauty product area sits in my bedroom.

Step 1: Analyze the Situation

I’ve come to the realization that even though I consider myself organized; throwing my products into shoe boxes and random bins does not make my life clutter-free. The current situation is that I can’t find what I need, when I need it and it’s not a pretty picture to look at either.

I make a trip to TJ Maxx’s Home Goods and find L and S Brown Curver Knit Rectangular Bins in sets of 2, XS Curver Knit Rectangular Bins in Cream and a set of 10 blue different sized bins. The plastic bins match the color scheme of my room and it’s an extra bonus that they’re plastic because this makes for an easy clean up if any product ends up leaking. My favorite part of my trip to Home Goods is that I find a drawer unit with plastic shelves that aren’t too deep but wide enough to use for my makeup. A perfect find to organize my makeup into categories.

Step 2: Get Down to Business

I look at my current shelving unit and I empty the mess of products onto the floor and start the organizing process. I have 3 piles: 1. Keep, 2. Throw Out, 3. Give to my friends and family. Each product comes with an expiration date so it’s important to note at the bottom of most products, there is a small stamped expiration date. Once products are opened, the countdown begins. For example, it’s important to change out your mascara every 3 months. I look at every product, review if it’s old and needs to be thrown away, if it’s still good and I use it or if I don’t use it but it hasn’t expired and I give to my friends and family. It’s hard to part with products but I need to focus on what I use and declutter this mess.

Step 3: Organize into Categories

After dividing my products into Keep, Throw Out, and Give Away, I organize my Keep pile further. My makeup products will go in my bronze vertical I drawers picked up from TJ’s. The top drawer consists of my hair brushes, hair clips, perfume samples and chapsticks (products I need to get to quickly and the most). I organize the rest of the Keep products into categories such as Face (sunscreen, foundation, primer), Blushes & Highlighters, Eyes (eyeliners, mascara and eyeshadows), Lipsticks (by shades), Brushes. I put them in the drawers in order of my makeup routine. I top it off with a beautiful antique glass to put my brushes on the top of the unit. Makeup Tip- always put your brushes on display because it’s bad for your brushes to sit flat.

My skincare and haircare will be organized in the brown bins and put on the wider shelving unit because they are the longer and bulkier products. I organize by order of importance and how much I will use it. On the top shelf, I have a pretty glass dish to capture my jewelry, a glass container (I picked up at the Habitat Restore) to put my cotton balls in, and my perfumes sit on top as well. On the second shelf, I put my skincare products that I use every night in the bins. On the third shelf, I throw my hair products into a bin and throw my heated hair appliances into the bin next to it on the shelf. Below I have my face masks (yes I have that many) into one bin and all of my makeup bags into the next. The bins make it presentable, easy to find and easy to pull off the shelf when I’m ready to use it.

I am incredibly pleased with how my beauty product organization turned out and I thank TJ Maxx Home Goods for helping me create an aesthetically pleasing yet functional space to do my makeup in the morning and nighttime routine at night. I love how I can find everything I need, when I need it and not feel overwhelmed with the clutter!