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Post Holiday Organization Checklist

Post Holiday Organization Checklist

I think we all can relate, preparing for the holidays is chaotic, but cleanup can get worse! My husband keeps telling me that if I just plan for the chaos, it won’t be as stressful. I never quite understood him until recently, when we were cleaning out the kids rooms making way for their new furniture. We got rid of, by donation or garbage, dozens of bags full of toys, clothes, shoes, decor, books, etc. I realized how much nicer it was to unwrap their gifts knowing that there would be a special place for them when it was time to bring them to their rooms! Its amazing what that insight will do for an unorganized household. It suddenly makes everything fall into place! I started making a list of what an organized household looks like. Instead of approaching my house as a whole, I looked at it “after the holidays.” I find that when I take on a project, if I am overwhelmed from the start I am less likely to follow through. Approaching my holiday cleanup as a means to an end was a great way to jump start my determination for an organized household!

Christmas Decorations

Make next years decorating much more simple and fun by putting your decor away right this year!

  • label storage boxes, and only include items in that box that the label states
  • use different totes for each room
  • donate or discard broken decorations or ones you no longer use
  • wrap breakable ornaments in bubble wrap or craft storage paper
  • invest in at least one storage container each year for ornaments.
  • designate a special place for wrapping paper and supplies.
    • tape up loose ends on wrapping paper before storing
    • designate one pair of scissors to gift wrapping and store them with your gift wrapping supplies
  • Invest in a durable storage container for tree.
  • TIP: Wrap Christmas lights around used wrapping paper tubes to keep them from tangling!